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After spending so much time in constructing your first resume, it is wiser to make it an elegant-looking resume. With the freedom on modern technology, people tend to exaggerate the design of their resume. Complementing a resume’s design is the paper material to be used in its printing. The type of font that would be […]

Job searching is indeed a difficult task. Career lessons are not always learned the easy way. Sometimes, career failures can also provide us a taste of reality. While most online career article provides advice on how to successfully manage a career, this article will focus on the different lessons we could extract from different career […]

Hiring managers and recruiters can receive hundreds – or even thousands – of applications for each open job. Typically, they can spend only a few seconds scanning a candidate’s cover letter before moving on to somebody else’s. So if you’re looking for a job, your cover letter has to capture a reader’s attention right away. […]

A resume is your key to land yourself an interview. Spelling Errors “Job seekers who spell too many words incorrectly risk having their resumes made into airplanes and flown around the recruiter’s office,” says Walser. Check your resume for spelling blunders, and then have a peer review it in case you missed a mistake. Then […]

You’ve read it right. Yes, the famous social networking site Twitter is here to help you search for your dream job. One inspiring story about this twitter-as-a-tool-for-job-searching is by Kyle Flaherty. Kyle Flaherty has left a marketing position in Boston because of his determination of finding an in-house public-relations job. He tweeted (through the social […]

Every year, the already crowded and competitive job market is flocked by recent college graduates. Job-hunting has become so stiff that it requires one to be sharp and self-motivated. Strangely enough, just about the worst way to show your talent and motivation in your resume or cover letter is to say, “Hey! I’m self-motivated.” You […]

One of the hardest things to do in life is to find a job – the right job! Though there maybe various job postings available, landing on a job you’ve been dreaming of remained to be a difficult task. Considering the continuous shift in the market these days, having a lot of options to choose […]