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One of the top advices in job hunting is to have your resume tailored for the position you are applying. It has been said one too many times, but how do we really execute it? How many changes do you need to make? What content should you be focusing on? This may sound like a […]

Nowadays, you can use the internet as a platform, not just to interact with people across the globe, but also to find opportunities to showcase what you’ve got and to skyrocket your career. The demand for workers in the workplace has significantly increased the competition among job hunters these days. As a result, many candidates […]

Purple Squirrels, like the unicorns, are magical creatures that we rarely see in the flesh. This seems to be the same case in the corporate world, where perfect job recruits are so hard to find they stopped pursuing them. Metaphorically speaking, the term ‘Purple Squirrels’ are used by hiring personnel to identify the unrealistic expectations […]

Is your resume not getting any results yet? Aren’t you wondering why it has been months and yet it seems that no one knows you? No phone calls, letters, or e-mails? Do you really think that you are just not the best match for the position you’ve applied? Well, think again. The real problem lies […]

Tired of sending your bland resume and not getting any response? Fret no more. Take a moment to review these tips and tricks that will turn your resume into a job-getter. Makeover #1: Emphasize on the Employer Make sure you associate your qualifications with the needs of the recruiter and the employer. This way, you […]

Ever heard of a writer’s resume? Ever wonder what a writer’s resume looks like? If you are a writer, a freelance writer to be exact, you may have once faced or you may be facing right this very moment a dilemma in creating your resume. You have been invited to a writing job that requires […]

People nowadays prefer to spend their pastime on being a couch potato. Instead of occupying their selves on reading a good book to somehow increase their vocabulary, televisions and computer games are favored to babysit children and are considered to be the least expensive way to soothe tiredness for adults. Teachers, considered to be unsung […]

Another year has passed and yet you’re still there, lying around. Aren’t you tired of that dull work? If you haven’t made any progress yet because of the idea of job searching is tiring you, why not start with your resume? This article talks about the 6 essential things that should be seen in your […]

Resume writing is not only done when job hunting or in support of an application for a position with a new employer. Exceptionally, resume writing is also done to enhance an employee’s application for an internal promotion. However, most resumes for internal promotion fails to achieve its goals because it overlooks pertinent information that is […]

The word “format” in résumé format may stand for a couple of different meanings. This may be referring to a way on how the contents of a résumé are organized, the preparation of the résumé according to how it should be delivered to its recipient, or both. Some may have prepared a résumé; whilst some […]