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The Secrets to an Elegant-Looking Resume

After spending so much time in constructing your first resume, it is wiser to make it an elegant-looking resume. With the freedom on modern technology, people tend to exaggerate the design of their resume. Complementing a resume’s design is the paper material to be used in its printing.

The type of font that would be used is also important. Having a plain font is often preferred because its readability than complex font styles. Font size is also an essential consideration. Those who are fresh out of school often prefer smaller font sizes due to the belief that it looks elegant, refined, and allows more white spaces look on the resume. This is not true, considering that most people in the hiring departments would not have a perfect vision.

A plain and smooth paper makes the resume easier on the eyes. Colored papers with dark colors would generally fall out the attention of the reader of your resume. In addition, acquiring plain papers that are not so thin or as thick as a cardboard would be cheaper than purchasing extravagant linen or parchment finishes. It would not add extra credentials on the content of the resume either. Additional decorations like borders, colors, images, etc. might be used as you want to create a clear representation of yourself to employers. This is misrepresentation. Resume are not made to be cute. Characters may be emphasized not by adding unnecessary items. Setting texts slightly larger or in a darker shade would suffice the need for emphasis.

Standard size of paper that is used for a resume is 8.5in x 11in in the United States. Having a different size would not fit in a binder or file. Keeping the standard papers size would make the resume easier to print and package. Having your resume in the landscape format would be more annoying than innovative as you are not giving a coffee table book to prospective employers.

Following the portrait format would fit the resume to files of the Human Resources person of a company. Variation from the norm would make it difficult for those persons to gauge a quick assessment of your personality. If you really want to be noticed, prepare the best-written cover letter rather than trying to go against the norms.

Reducing the number of indentions would also make the resume appear easier on the eyes. As much as possible, take all indentions out. Although useful in outlining, too many indentions in a resume would cause the reader to jump all over the page, thus, disharmonizing its entirety. All text must be aligned to each other and a block style would make it appear more formal and elegant.

Texts that are all capitalized must be avoided because they start to look the same and makes it harder to read. However, if necessary, words that are spelled in all capitals must have extra spacing between letter to make each one more distinct and readable.

Creating an elegant resume does not necessarily mean the inclusion of unwanted items on your resume. A resume must always be concise and custom-fit to specific requirements of a job opportunity. It must be aligned to the needs of an employer. Unwanted information would make the employer uninterested.

Sufficient information backed up by an elegant-looking design for your resume would certainly boost chances of getting the job that you have always wanted. Start trying to create your own elegant resume now and see the difference.

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