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Strengthening a Weak Resume

Advices on resume writing found on the internet are mostly written for the top of the line and qualified individuals. However, not everyone could be qualified; thus, eliminating them from the target audience of the article.

How would these individuals work their way to gain competitiveness in the race?

In this article we will be focusing more on the “weaker” employee to assist you in landing on a dream job.

First off, you need to think back everything you have done on your career and analyze what went wrong. What have you done that made your career such a failure.

Afterwards, think of the enjoyable things you have done that created a positive impact in your career. Focus on yourself as you are held responsible for your career and no one else.

It is only when you have a clear image of your past that you can forge a clear path for yourself. After you have sorted the positive and negative actions you have done in the past that affected your present career, YOU will now be able to put things in perspective and acknowledge where you went wrong.

  • Be open to criticisms and accept the fact that you did something wrong.
  • Be brave in looking in the mirror and acknowledging your failures.

This will save you from repeating the same mistakes over and over again; thus, stopping you from advancing in your career. In addition, you want your application to be authentic and reflect who you are.

As you go through your work history, emphasize on the positive aspects of every job you had. Avoid discussing the negative sides in your resume. Spare it for the interview if asked by the hiring manager.

Remember that your resume and cover letter is a venue to spark the interest of the hiring manager in order to land you a job interview. You are only as good as your application.

Your resume is a relatively static document that may not necessarily leave too much room for you to prove your worth. The best way to stand out is to impress the hiring manager through your cover letter. Capture the reader’s attention by highlighting your skills that would be of great contribution to the company and put a spin on things.

Most job-seekers will include an introductory statement basing from typical viewpoint to match their qualifications and work experience to the requirements of the job they are applying to. As you will not be able to outshine other candidates this way, try spinning things a bit by including some wit or taking another angle to the application process. This might just give you an edge and the recruiter might just give you a wild card.

Once you have figured out what to include in your cover letter, think if you can contain all your courage when you are face to face with the hiring manager, even before the job interview. This can be done by dropping your application yourself to your prospective company. Again, this will give you an edge as most candidates will only get to meet the recruiter once they are called in.

Think outside the box and compensate your poor credentials with originality and style. This article is just a highlight of the steps you can take to put the odds on your side. It is up to you to work harder to make up for lost ground. And when you land the job, seize the opportunity to prove yourself this time.

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