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Resume: What’s Hot and What’s Not for 2017

If you have solid skills and work experience yet still getting zero results, you might need to have a makeover for your resume.

In this article, we are going to discuss what’s hot and what’s not for the resumes of 2017.

What’s Hot Number 1:

• A professional summary on top of your resume is a sure eye-catcher. This section of your resume features you like nothing else on your resume does.

What’s Not Number 2:

• The very common objective statement at the top of your resume says goodbye for 2017.

Jack Williams, vice president of national sales and recruiting for Staffing Technologies in Atlanta, suggest to immediately removing the Objective section in your resume. Most employers don’t seem to care about what you want to do in life. “They care whether they can do what the employer needs them to do,” Williams added.

What’s Hot Number 3:

• Eye-friendly resumes. Mike Earley, MyWire’s resource management vice president, a media aggregation site, said during an interview that he doesn’t have time to read through each resume and search for important points. “They [job seekers] need to jump out of me.” Early added that that hot resumes are organized with bullet points, not paragraphs, and have enough white spaces for it to look clean and visually interesting.

What’s Not Number 4:

• For 2017, “grey” resumes with large chunks of unbroken text are out. Oftentimes, this resumes slow down the recruiters pace.

What’s Hot Number 5:

• Customize your resume to every job opportunity you grab. Don’t be satisfied with a single format of your resume, the employer might get bored with your resume.

What’s Not Number 6:

• The same resume for every job opportunity you apply is not hot for 2017. These were from the days before home computers, when changing a resume is really a big deal.

What’s Hot Number 7:

• A resume with 2 to 3 pages, particularly when you really need the space.

What’s Not Number 8:

• A resume limited to only a page when all you really need is a 2 to 3 page-resume.

The idea that resumes are ought to be limited to a page is a myth. Jack Williams, vice of national sales and recruiting for Staffing Technologies, in Atlanta said that “no talented person with more than 5 years [job] experience can fairly summarize their experience in one page.”

What’s Hot Number 9:

• Sell yourself effectively. Your resume is your marketing piece. Akin to marketing and business strategy, you should be able to sell and promote yourself in your resume. Mike Earley, vice president of resource management at MyWire, a media aggregation site, said that the best way to sell one’s self is by quantifying accomplishments and achievements. He added that “when describing what you did on a job, be sure to include the results. Your accomplishments are the key.”

What’s Not Number 10:

• A failed marketing and sales department of yourself. Co-author of “Think Confident, Be Confident,” Leslie Sokol said “gone are the days of just listing job titles and responsibilities.”

What’s Hot Number 11:

• Resumes that include links to websites for all companies that you have worked with. As much as possible, include a brief of description of the company. “Few do this, but it is always well-received,” says Jack Williams. “Hiring managers have an interest in knowing what a company does and what your previous position there had to do with that.”

What’s Not Number 12:

• Assuming that hiring managers are familiar with the previous company you’ve worked with and/or that they should not care.

What’s Hot Number 13:

• Having your LinkedIn and/or other social networking addresses in the header of your resume. Just make sure that it’s customized (“vanity”) URL if it’s in LinkedIn.

What’s Not Number 14:

• Being outdated with the latest technology such as social networking sites.

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