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Resume for Promotion

Resume writing is not only done when job hunting or in support of an application for a position with a new employer. Exceptionally, resume writing is also done to enhance an employee’s application for an internal promotion. However, most resumes for internal promotion fails to achieve its goals because it overlooks pertinent information that is suppose to strategically position the employee’s submission as a worthy candidate.

Many employees assume that a resume for internal application needs not to be detailed. Most of them assumes that the management are either aware of their job responsibilities, or can locate this information from a job description obtainable through the HR department. However, it seems that it is the other way around. The fact that you are presently working with the employer does not necessarily that your current manager or potential manager is familiar with the solutions and achievements you have secured within your previous workplace.

If you are planning for a better position within your current company, it is safe to assume that you are applying for a new job in a new company instead of assuming that the executive team knows everything about your job. This is even more imperative if you are applying for a senior position, and you will need to justify why you should be extended the opportunity for a promotion. You may include in your resume some evidences of leadership and management accountabilities, which you have executed during your previous position with the company.

The following are helpful tools to assist you in gathering relevant information for your resume:

• When aiming for a higher position, identify instances where you have demonstrated leadership or management competencies including training and supervising.

• List the challenges you have conquered during your previous position and the initiatives you have executed to overcome those. You may also include accurate figures and facts to quantify your statements.

• Include professional development or in-house seminars to confirm your willingness and ability to assimilate and apply new techniques and processes in your role.

• Identify the additional responsibilities you have accomplished that can differentiate you from other employees. Through identifying these responsibilities, you can prove your multi-faceted experience and your ability to take on extra responsibilities.

• Do not get over confident. You may be the model employee of the year for your department, but guess what? There are other better employees from other departments than you.

• Include an “expertise” or “key” skills section in your resume, and provide other skills that you deem helpful in the new position. A brief, keyword-rich list of your related skills will help the hiring manager see that you have the skills to do the job.

• A cover letter is recommended even if you are not asked to submit one. Not just a cover letter, but a powerful job proposal. Your cover letter must include your interest in the promotion, followed by a bulleted list of what you expect to accomplish if given the opportunity. The cover letter would serve as an opportunity for you to prove how you fully understand the challenges of the position and are ready to take them on. You may also provide a list of problems that you think you will be facing in your target job, your intended actions or approach, benefits to the employer, examples of anticipated results, along with a timeline of when you expect to accomplish them.

Most job openings within the company are also open to outside candidates. In this case, you may have to use your loyalty to the employer as one of your key selling points. This will definitely work to your advantage since you have already shown your dedication to the employer as well as to the company. You are committed to the company’s success, as what your resume says.

After submitting your winning resume and cover letter, think positive and you will surely land on your dream job; thus, you would have all the right to negotiate a favorable compensation package. If you have a hard time making your own resume, seek TeamResumePros’ expert writing service. Visit our web site or contact 1 (844) 993-3841 for more details.