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Resume Writing Tips That Will Put You Ahead of the Competition

Resume Writing Tips That Will Put You Ahead of the Competition

When was the last time you updated your resume? Whether you are projecting your career path, advancing your career or making a career change, your resume is your primary ticket to set a skyrocketing career. As a professional, you need to turn up with the most essential weapon in taking next steps in your career. In order to produce such tool that helps you get noticed, you need to consider these timely and relevant tips. Remember, it will only take 10 seconds a hiring manager scans your resume.

Tip #1: Define Success: Assess Yourself and Your Career

What’s your vision about success? A successful career delineates your satisfaction towards work. We reflect the contentment a job could give us. Discover the most valuable career for you. Know what defines you.

However, we also consider the income. Higher income is an ultimate factor. It’s an autonomy of survival. We don’t measure success by only being exultant what we’re doing, but we also think through the income it provides us. Will this career suffice me and my family? Will this rend me? All we need is a job that pays us well while we are also motivated. Think smart. Be the captain of your ship.

Take chances on the bigger picture. Define yourself along with your present career.
Is this career for you? Are you doing the right thing? Is this your dream job? Why are you considering this path?

There is a whole heap of questions haunting on your mind right now. If all your answers are uncertain, then you might need to redirect your passion. Your career is a big question if you’re not poised about it. Even so, a career coach will hark to your needs and will help you overhaul your resume.

Tip #2: Review your Resume

Criticize your resume as much as possible, it won’t harm you. Distinguish the problems of your resume and deliver it well through your mind. Do you consider your resume a magnifying representation of yourself? Will this resume quadruple your network or not? Will this be noticed? Is it updated? If you answered “no” to all of these questions, you really need help.

Reaching out for a professional career coach is one way to maximize your chances of getting a job. Whether it’s a resume critique or an overall revamp of your resume, this is a smart investment.

But if you don’t want to spend over some career services, have someone review your resume. It will be more effective if you seek help from someone who doesn’t know your career. In this way, you can anticipate what the HR manager will also think once they scan your resume.

Tip #3: Distinguish your Audiences and Speak to them

Know your audiences well. Who are they? They are hiring managers, the company you are applying, recruiters, and a huge group of companies hiring with the same position as you.

Let your resume speak to them. You need to invigorate each heading. All of your information should be tailored towards the position you’ve been deliberating about. An improved resume will rapidly increase your chance of getting noticed.

One technique to escalate your chances is to think like a recruiter. What are you looking for a particular position? Say, you want to apply for a Project Manager position and you want to give them a “wow” factor. Emphasize the strong skills a project manager should possess. Demonstrate your ability to manage projects from initiation to completion, your time management, your organization skills, and your experience in overseeing the operating budget. These are critical skills that you would want to highlight in order to validate that you are an excellent fit to the position.

Leadership is certainly one of the most optimal qualifications a recruiter wants you to possess. An exceptional leader is a noteworthy team player. Whether it’s an entry level or an executive position, your ability to lead people is definitely an ultimate factor towards the growth of the company.

Tip #4: Prove Yourself, Be Prepared

Resume writing is an exhausting idea for almost everyone. This is the most crucial stage. Impress them. Take an ownership of your accomplishments and lead them a powerful message that you are what they’re looking for. All of these are amazing strategies that will help your resume mirrors you as a leader. Make these elements count:

Provide Recommendations. Letters from your workmates or your supervisors are best examples to reveal your strongest skills. Build a good relationship with your present job. Good workmates are your armors when battling towards another job application. They will provide you with an eye-opening endorsements a hiring manager would love to read. Consider this one as a free take-home.

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn is a great platform to brace yourself for job search worldwide. Most recruiters rely on LinkedIn to search for qualified candidates best suitable for the job. Are you troubling developing a LinkedIn Profile? One technique is to make a powerful headline of yourself. Be specific. You can also search for users with the same position with you. Read their profiles and incorporate your accomplishments that best suited for your position. Always keep in mind that your profile should be SEO-optimized. An optimized profile is closer to a recruiter’s eye.

Include Certifications and Trainings. You won’t go wrong adding your acquired skills through your completed trainings and certifications you achieved. This will provide you more room for qualifications and boosts your odds of being shortlisted. Take account of the most relevant trainings and certification, you think are compulsory. Anyhow, adding these developed attributes is a brilliant idea. This unveils your tenacity to advance yourself and keep learning.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) ready. Nevertheless, your resume must be ATS-friendly. Companies receive thousands of resumes a day, thus an ATS tool is used to screen all those qualified resumes that will be viewed by a human eye subsequently. ATS captures keywords from the job post that must be included in your resume. Take note, in order to be read by a human eye, you should pass the ATS.

Include numbers. Quantify your achievements. Numbers correspond results. Adding numbers like percentages and dollar amounts can certainly aid catch the eye. Adding context will supplement the magnitude of your achievements. Best example is:

a. Generated $300 million revenue for the year 2016.
This is real good. Brief and concise. Adding context, an information that gives more impact would bite the prey.

b. Generated $300 million revenue by leading the 2016 marketing campaign.
Now this one provokes the reader’s attention. It disclosed more clarity and specification that implies leadership.

Along these lines, you are presenting your results a huge impact to employers. Show them that resume has a “jaw-dropping” factor and put you ahead of the competition.

Focus to your Results-Based Accomplishments. Aside from quantifying your achievements, you need to present your responsibilities in such a way that hiring managers will give you a handshake. These are the accountabilities that eventually produced results. For example:

a. Delivered cost-effective and cost-efficient project deliverables by injecting quality and value-engineering design solution that saved valuable costs for the customer’s budget.

b. Rescued the failing operation and suffering of employee loss by building a new sales team that stopped the exodus of customers and revamped the sales structure of the company.

The highlighted bold phrases are the results. Underlined phrases are actions implemented. The doubled underline phrases are the consequences of the results achieved because of the actions executed. This approach will instantly bribe the hiring manager an upright impression that you can make a difference together with their company.

Tip #5: Consider Visual Approach

This is not necessary, but this will positively create a good impression that you have prepared your resume. Captivate your audiences, not just through your achievements, but how well you present your resume. A well-presented resume expresses that you are keen towards the position. Capture the attention of your reader with a distinctive design that will make you stand out from the other. Punch up the design of your resume that is valuable to the industry.

Remember to produce a 1-2 page resume. Unless you are directing towards a management or an executive position where you need to lay out all your signature accomplishments, a 3-page resume is acceptable. But, you only need those achievements which are relevant to the job position. If you want to highlight your unique roles, you can also add them to your cover letter. Your cover letter will absolutely make a good impression.

Unless you’re ambiguous of what design you should incorporate in your resume, here are some of the samples that would amplify your achievements while streamlining all the necessary attractive dispositions you want to include.

Tip #6: Evaluate your resume AGAIN

After considering all the tips, ask yourself. Is this really me? If you said “yes”, then it’s ready!

Am I faking it? If you said “yes”, then revamp your resume that gratifies your role. You have your own career history. Make it stand out by uniquely listing all your achievements with conviction.

To provide more inevitabilities, ask someone to read your brand new resume. Tell them to make an honest review.

Tip #7: Network Yourself

Make a call. This is really a must. No one will notice you if you keep concealing yourself from any job search platforms. Post your resume to more than a hundred job sites. This will gain more invitation. LinkedIn is a very powerful platform to campaign yourself. Optimize your LinkedIn presence. Connect yourself with the most reliable people in LinkedIn such as your workmates, your schoolmates, and other acquaintances in your career. This will help recruiters find you. Having an excellent network is a key to pursue hiring managers give you an interview.

Tip #8: Be a Brand

Network consistency is the key. Be a brand of your own marketing campaign. Sell yourself. Seeking job is really exploiting. But getting hired will ease all the hardness you’ve strained. Remember, you are your brand.

Turbo charge your career with your new, kick ass resume! Enjoy a higher success rate and be interviewed. Now, you do your game. That’s the time you’ll do the next step, proceed to your next job.

In 2018, inject your resume with these best helpful tips that might land you your dream job!

If you’re struggling to write your own resume and you’d like help, you can request support for a resume writer at TEAMRESUMEPRO.