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Twitter for Job Searching

You’ve read it right. Yes, the famous social networking site Twitter is here to help you search for your dream job. One inspiring story about this twitter-as-a-tool-for-job-searching is by Kyle Flaherty.

Kyle Flaherty has left a marketing position in Boston because of his determination of finding an in-house public-relations job. He tweeted (through the social networking site twitter) his undertaking and included a link to his professional blog, wherein a description of the kind of work he was looking was posted. In just a couple of days, his tweet was retweeted and an acquaintance forwarded it to his current boss. Flaherty has now moved from Boston to Austin, Texas, for the new job with a pregnant wife and a two-year-old son.


“What we have to do is delivering to people the best and freshest most relevant information possible. We think of twitter as it’s not a social network, but it’s an information network. It tells people what they care about as it is happening in the world.”
Evan Williams,, CEO

Twitter is a social networking and micro blogging service that enables you to send and read messages known as tweets. These tweets are the equivalent of text messages, or Facebook status updates, but limited to 140 characters. Tweets need to be kept short and simple. Signing up is as easy as 1-2-3. You just fill out an online profile form and then you can send and view tweets on your laptop, cell phone (through mobile web browsing), or another mobile internet device.

In twitter, subscribers of a certain profile are called followers. When you follow someone’s tweet, they see that you’re following them. That’s a good thing because they may decide to reciprocate and follow you, too, which is something good for you to get noticed.

Mingle with Twitter Fans

Naturally, tweeting will not get you a certain spot for a job opportunity. However, Twitter, like LinkedIn, Facebook, and industry conferences, is a way to reach out and get in front of people who know hiring managers or can introduce you to them.

Though some netizens may use twitter to share some nonsense talking, some use it to their advantage by commenting on happenings in their professions. They usually follow industry leaders’ tweets and even build informal relationships by following one another.
One way to make your feed visible in twitter is by including something about your profession in your username. You don’t want of course to immediately blast people with a tweet saying you’re out of work. Talk about momentum. In your profile section, you may put a few lines about what you do professionally to further help put your visibility on top.

A great way to start twitter is by following a few leaders in your industry, companies you would like to work for, and other potential professional contacts. Most company’s today use twitter in posting job opportunities. Likewise, some hiring managers tweet, too. Flaherty says “You can hear about jobs, get a feel for a company, determine how to interact with them, and see how you would fit in.”

An Impression to Last

“There is nothing revolutionary about this stuff. It’s evolutionary. Back in the day, we would have sent our cover letters, a few years’ later emails, and a few years later we updated our blogs. The beauty of twitter is that it’s as if you are at a networking event all the time, in real time.”
-Kyle Flaherty

Still on twitter topic, offer your opinion on news, industry happenings, and seminars. If someone you follow, particularly an industry leader, says something controversial or interesting, retweet it, or send the person a direct message (DM).

Observe the tweets of which you follow, particularly hiring managers of the company you wanted to work with. Take note of what they tweet and modify your tweets to comment on the same topic.

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