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Category Archives: Recruiting

You are incredibly qualified for the position you are applying and you’ve followed all the advices you have read on the Internet about resume writing – formatting and quantified bullet points. You’re confident that nothing could go wrong. But before you rush in sending out your resume, a quick review wouldn’t hurt. Let’s go through […]

Resume Writing Tips That Will Put You Ahead of the Competition When was the last time you updated your resume? Whether you are projecting your career path, advancing your career or making a career change, your resume is your primary ticket to set a skyrocketing career. As a professional, you need to turn up with […]

Relocating to a new state can be attributed to several factors such as purchasing a new house, attending to old family members or seeking for greener pastures. Regardless of the reason, the next big question is when to start looking for a job when you are relocating. The first thing you need to do is […]

Purple Squirrels, like the unicorns, are magical creatures that we rarely see in the flesh. This seems to be the same case in the corporate world, where perfect job recruits are so hard to find they stopped pursuing them. Metaphorically speaking, the term ‘Purple Squirrels’ are used by hiring personnel to identify the unrealistic expectations […]

Diverse job opportunities necessitate various qualities for an employee; thus, hiring managers seeks unique qualities from interview to interview. However, decision-makers have agreed that there are some annoying behaviors from applicants. This article lists down several interviewee pet peeve of hiring managers as compiled by Larry Buhl of Yahoo! Hotjobs as well as what hiring […]

You’ve read it right. Yes, the famous social networking site Twitter is here to help you search for your dream job. One inspiring story about this twitter-as-a-tool-for-job-searching is by Kyle Flaherty. Kyle Flaherty has left a marketing position in Boston because of his determination of finding an in-house public-relations job. He tweeted (through the social […]

Every year, the already crowded and competitive job market is flocked by recent college graduates. Job-hunting has become so stiff that it requires one to be sharp and self-motivated. Strangely enough, just about the worst way to show your talent and motivation in your resume or cover letter is to say, “Hey! I’m self-motivated.” You […]