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Category Archives: Personal Branding

One of the top advices in job hunting is to have your resume tailored for the position you are applying. It has been said one too many times, but how do we really execute it? How many changes do you need to make? What content should you be focusing on? This may sound like a […]

You are incredibly qualified for the position you are applying and you’ve followed all the advices you have read on the Internet about resume writing – formatting and quantified bullet points. You’re confident that nothing could go wrong. But before you rush in sending out your resume, a quick review wouldn’t hurt. Let’s go through […]

Resume Writing Tips That Will Put You Ahead of the Competition When was the last time you updated your resume? Whether you are projecting your career path, advancing your career or making a career change, your resume is your primary ticket to set a skyrocketing career. As a professional, you need to turn up with […]

Most job seekers will experience a varied career path over their working life. Essential to making a career change of any scale a success is targeted research and thorough preparation. Follow these steps to maximize your chances of making a rewarding and fulfilling career change. Step 1: Reflect on your preferences To set the foundation […]

Most people opt for a functional resume as a way to handle the embarrassing work history problems which is wrong. Though it is true that a functional resume does give a clean idea to deal with employment gaps, a functional resume is not a way in which to hide gaps in work experience. Why?? Because […]

Job searching is indeed a difficult task. Career lessons are not always learned the easy way. Sometimes, career failures can also provide us a taste of reality. While most online career article provides advice on how to successfully manage a career, this article will focus on the different lessons we could extract from different career […]

One of the hardest things to do in life is to find a job – the right job! Though there maybe various job postings available, landing on a job you’ve been dreaming of remained to be a difficult task. Considering the continuous shift in the market these days, having a lot of options to choose […]